A woman from St. Louis, MO named Aysha Upchurch. Aysha moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue her educational pursuits in international studies, international peace and conflict resolution at American University. Prior to American University, she studied with Hip-Hop and tap legends: Buster Brown, Diane Walker, Rennie Harris, and Mr. Wiggles. Upchurch locally performed with Joy of Motion’s JAM Crew and DC Artistry before founding Life, Rhythm, Move Project (LRMP)[1] in 2006 to reflect her experience as a writer, educator and children’s rights advocate. LRMP uses a mixture of various dance forms, including hip hop, tap and spoken word to fuse passion and education with artistry in addition to upholding the history and integrity of hip hop culture.
Image: Aysha Upchurch/Hip Hop Education Center

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